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Grow Your Brand Without Borders.

English to Japanese Transcreation and localization for businesses that look to expand their audience, overcome cultural and linguistic gaps and make sure that messages get through without getting lost in translation.

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More About Me

I'm a professional English into Japanese localization/transcreation specialist working with both language service providers and companies that need my translation and localization expertise to make online products, services and brands accessible to the Japanese markets. With my solution-oriented approach, I have worked on a variety of projects in tourism, fashion, marketing, cloud-based product fields, and more. 

I believe the best brands are defined by their passion and personality. - and the best localizations/transcreations are the ones that can capture this energy and communicate it authentically. That is why I want to make sure your brand never gets lost in translation. It is more important than ever to be able to take your brand beyond borders AND engage your audience.

I move across Asia, and this unique position of living and working in various cultures allows me to create especially localized and contemporary localizations.

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Knowing the difference between translation and transcreation and choose one that is suitable for your content


Marketing translation, content transcreation, proofreading, and consulting.
Here’s some info on what I can help you with and how you can leverage my specializations for your business.



Adapting tone. Adjusting messaging. Let’s find the best way to communicate with your target


Need to localize content or copy adapted for the Japanese market? That’s one of my specializations.




Grammar. Punctuation.
Meaning. Great communication is in the details 
– and I can make sure they’re all spot on.

My Specializations

How to reach you audience

Translating Your Products into target languages DOESN’T MEAN THEY WILL BUY IT FROM YOU.

68% of Japanese consumers answered they would not buy if contents are poorly written or too personalized.  
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When content is translated, it is kept consistent and accurate when transferred from the source text into the target language. Instead of translating word-for-word, it is just as important for any brands to hit the right tone and style and stay on message. 

What is translation? : Translation can be defined as the literal word-for-word transformation of a source text into the target language.
What is localization/transcreation? : It is the linguistic adaptation of content for the target region, its languages and cultural particularities in order to make it appropriate, easily understandable and comfortable to use for local native language speakers.

When localizing/transcreating your website and marketing contents, you need to make sure that they reach, engage and inspire your audience to take action. Successful localization and transcreations are not about error-free and accurate to source texts. Whatever results you need to achieve through localization/transcreation, your media content is there to generate leads and build a sense of trust that will result in more conversions for you.

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Shiori is a very talented, reliable translator.
She works quickly and efficiently and has continuously produced high-quality Japanese translations for over the past year. Her services have improved the quality of our Japanese localization efforts exponentially.

By using her skills to fully adapt texts to sync well with Japanese language and culture we've made immense progress in engaging with our Japan market audience. I would be happy to work with her again in the future and would certainly recommend her localization services.

—  Erika Okumura,
International Coordinator for


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Pixel Snap 2

This is a macOS app for web designers and developers to measure elements on screens. Their goal through this localization is to reach out to new customers in the Japanese market and I've localized and proofread both their website and the application. Aside from basic requirements, we've discussed the brand's tone, SEO keywords, and designs aspect of the localization. As I have a knowledge of HTML and CSS, we've decided to work on localizable files they provided. With a few advice of design aspects such as fonts and UI, I've made sure the website attracts potential customers. Throughout the localization testing process, we've looked for potential problems of both functionality and linguistic accuracy such as text not fitting into menus, correct format of dates and times, and proper use of the language in context. Because localized text is often of different sizes, of different lengths, we've reformatted to look professional and match the source.


The Five Minute Journal

As a proofreader, I have worked on this literal translation project for the Five Minute Journal, one of the most influential self-development tools developed by Intelligent My focus points on this project are accuracy, natural to native eyes and the language that represents their brand: spirited, knowledgable and openness. The book is going to be published on Amazon Japan in winter, 2020. 


Ted Talk

coming soon...



This is an app localization I've collaborated with Visual Blasters teams to reach out and engage the Japanese audience across market places such as Apple Store and Google Play. More than 250,000 people highly rated on this application and continuously growing audiences in the Japanese market after this localization. 


Out Of Eden Project By National Geographic

As a contribution to the Out of Eden project by National Geographic, I have localized their media content to Japanese. The project is an experiment in slow journalism by walking from Africa to South America to trace the pathways blazed by the first Homo sapiens, who left Africa to discover the world. 


Bilingirl Eikaiwa

This is a subtitle localization project I've continuously worked on over the past few years. I add English / Japanese subtitles to videos on Bilingirl Eikaiwa, a video channel for Japanese - English language learners. Her goal through this project is to engage her Japanese and English-speaking audiences. My work covers a wide range of topics such as language, culture, and travel & tourism.  From 2018 to 2019, her audience has grown up from 800,000 to 1.5 million and the channel has become one of the biggest language learning Youtube channels in the Japanese market. 

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Goal-Oriented Approach 
that Attract More Audience

Do you want to use localization/transcreation to achieve something bigger rather than simply putting your translated contents out there? 

My transcreations and localizations are goal-oriented and tailored for each business's need. By understanding your goals through linguistic consultation, I provide culturally appropriate, terminologically accurate and solution-focused content to make my localization contribute to your business goals. Whether it is communicating customers into buying your service or building trusts and authority, I will be there to discuss with you your requirements, needs, expectations, doubts, and concerns. 

Creative translations will help your brand communicate effectively, avoid international and cross-cultural pitfalls, engage your audience beyond your national borders and maximize your ROI and engagement abroad.

Together, we can develop a communication strategy that speaks directly to your audience and make sure that it creates value for your customer and potential customer - something that cannot be done in word-for-word translations. 

My Happy Clients

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And more...

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A Continuous COntributor to
Out of eden project by national geographic.

Tourism is one of my specializations. As much as I have been interested in traveling and learning new cultures, it has been an honor to work on translations of Out of Eden projects by National Geographic. 

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